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6/28/2017 11:16 pm  #11

Re: Upper Thames being knobs

Team Bean wrote:

Outraged of Hammersmith wrote:

And no picnics on the strips they own on the top and bottom of the picture.


Yeah, the post saying that disappeared from the Remenham Club facebook page. There was no need for the fence in front of Remenham - that's never been much of a problem area for congestion compared with other side of UTRC.

6/28/2017 11:21 pm  #12

Re: Upper Thames being knobs

Walker wrote:

Isn't part of the reason for the path congestion because UTRC have previously squeezed the path space down to the absolute minimum by having a temporary fence right up against the tarmac path?

The worst stretch for congestion is the stretch between the General Enclosure and Remenham, particularly around Mahiki when the queues build up.

But upper thames and copas have both had fences right out to the towpath in recent years (wasn't always like that), which really hasn't helped with bigger crowds.

6/29/2017 4:19 am  #13

Re: Upper Thames being knobs

Team Bean wrote:

And from what I heard, 2500 people signed up and got their badges, so to the person who says they signed up but didn't get their wristband, try contacting the organiser, everyone I know managed to get one.

I don't know anyone who managed or had any response from the administrators. Didn't bother me today as I didn't get down until late and the weather was good enough to be out on the bank.

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