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6/19/2017 1:32 am  #1

Dodgy prequalifications

Annnnnddd discuss

6/19/2017 1:33 am  #2

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

Southampton prequalified for the temple 😂😂😂😂 stewards have found a sense of humour

6/19/2017 2:37 am  #3

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

It turns out if you just enter champ at Marlos you pre qualify for the Wyfold...

6/19/2017 12:34 pm  #4

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

United hospitals prequalified... Lol

6/19/2017 4:02 pm  #5

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

Yeah, who even are these 'United Hospital' choppers ?!

6/19/2017 4:23 pm  #6

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

UL pre qualified for the PA 👀, having been beating by nearly every other half decent British crew at Marlow and Met!! Durham 6:24, Durham B 6:30, Surrey 6:30, Bristol 6:37, Edinburgh 6:37........UL 6:45 lol.

6/19/2017 7:21 pm  #7

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

The stewards will tend to prequalify the top boats from quite a few UK uni's. Brookes C almost always have to qualify for the temple, when they could easily be in the top 5 or 6 of the fastest UK crews, but because they are not A boat, they have to qualify. But yes there are some dodgy pre-qualifications, the temple is probably the most guilty for this. 

6/19/2017 8:42 pm  #8

Re: Dodgy prequalifications


6/19/2017 9:10 pm  #9

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

U of Virginia posted a 5.51.0 at a Regatta in Switzerland at the weekend and have to qualify. And then there are clubs like UCL pre-qualifying for the Temple. Hmmm.

6/20/2017 3:03 am  #10

Re: Dodgy prequalifications

Looks like for some reason the stewards have pre-qualified every boat from the College VIIIs final at Marlow... apart from Brookes D who won it. Meanwhile the likes of Brookes C, UL B, Bristol etc who went much quicker in other events have to qualify. Took me 20 mins looking at the met and Marlow results to work out who's decent so don't know how they ballsed it up do badly this year.

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